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Be good, Stay safe!

During the lesson, the kids watch a DVD film: an episode of "Alfred Says," in which children learn that being good is in their interest, because their security is guaranteed.

Say NO! Don't go!

Increasingly, children are exposed to danger from strangers. The purpose of this lesson is to learn about the dangers that may threaten them from strangers. In their naiveté they could trust a stranger who gives sweets, or offers their assistance, saying that the child's parents asked them to help.

Always be careful!

Alfred learns that a child playing in or near the street is dangerous, and at the same time learns what the consequences are of improper behaviour in the street and its vicinity. Children will learn where and how you can safely cross a street (e.g. at a designated crossing place. They learn that sometimes crossings are marked with a traffic light, and hat sometimes they can be helped to cross the road by a lollipop man or lady, or by a policeman). The kids watch a film about the principles of safe behaviour in the street.

Don't steal!

Children watching a film learn that stealing is wrong. Stealing hurts those that are robbed, and we always have to suffer the consequences of theft. The content of the film centres on the concept of theft. The policeman explains to children what stealing is. He explains that it is wrong, and points out how many times you need to steal to be a thief, and that theft is always comes to light.

Say NO to bullying!

This lesson raises a very important problem of violence at school. Children learn how to deal with Bullies and how to react when someone is being hurt. The kids hear about Alfred's experience and how Reverend Peter was also bullied as a schoolboy. A police officer reminds the children that he is a friend of every child, and cares about their safety. Children learn how to be strong and say no to bullies. The officer repeats the slogan, "Be strong, say NO to Bullies," several times with the children.

Good touch, bad touch

The class examines in a very delicate manner the problem of sexual harassment. It aims to draw attention to children that there are bad forms of touch and make them aware of the associated danger. The content of the film focuses on issues of good and bad touches. Kids talk about it with Alfred, and listen to a story about some goats. The lesson, although covering such a very difficult and delicate topic as sexual harassment, is treated in a way not to "expose" the problem to children who have no experience of the subject.

Say NO to Racism!

The special guest talks to children about people of different nationalities and skin colours. He explains to the children, that this should not be an obstacle to developing friendships, and that we should be sympathetic and pay attention to someone with different beliefs and values.

Say NO to Drugs!

The policeman talks to the children about healthy eating. Cigarettes are used as an example of harmful drugs. The children themselves make clear how this has a negative impact on human organs. Alcohol and other substances are also covered with the example of the 'Drugs Waistcoat,' in the film. Children learn that there are drugs in the form of candy which can be very deceiving. Policeman explains that you must not take anything from strangers.

Be good,
Stay safe around fireworks!

Be good, Stay safe around dogs